What the flippin' eck is it anyway?

What you get in Walk Your Weekends

1. Access to a library of TEN walking weekends describing in detail weekends in Scotland, Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire and South Downs - start planning your next hiking weekend immediately. Download and keep forever.

2. Each of the guides covers all the information you need to know to easily plan your weekend hiking trip, including: how to get there and back by public transport from London; where to stay; suggested routes and equally exiting alternatives for mountain/hill walks; what maps are best to get (I'll advise you which maps are best to get - they aren't included); where to eat and the best pubs to visit; where the toilets are; things to look out for, and sights to see.

3. Walk Chooser: easily identify which weekend is best for you right now, depending on the time of year, experience, fitness, or particular interest.

4. Guidance on which maps are best value for money AND most useful to buy for these weekends = avoid wasting time choosing the wrong ones.

5. Virtual support and ongoing advice in case you have problems organising it or want to know specific details.

6. What to Pack and why; easily pack your rucksack and lose that 'I think I've forgotten something' feeling.

7. Staying safe: advice and checklist to help you feel confident in the countryside.

8. Weekend Walking Dos and Dont's - tips and tricks from years of bitter experience!

9. How to ensure the British weather doesn't put a dampener on your weekend!

10. Suggested practice routes in and around London.

11. Untangling transport: how to get the best from trains and buses.

12. Lifetime access - free copies of revisions and updates to all the guides and future iterations and bonuses for as long as these guides are maintained

13. Bonus itineraries: How to get to and walk Snowdon and Scafell Pike in two weekends from London.

14. Background information, viewing and reading on each weekend to help you get to know the area more deeply.

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