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What you get in Walk Your Weekends:

  • Immediate access to the weekend walks library of ten weekends; totaling 43,000+ words and 200+ pages of INFORMATION explaining HOW you can walk these weekends from London with no car and covering almost every practical aspect you can think of (and if you can think of something that's missing, I will add it for you).
  • Guidance on exactly which maps to buy for the best value for money for each weekend PLUS video intro to the types of maps we have in Britain
  • Help choosing the right walk for you depending on the time of year, your level of experience, requirements
  • I'll TALK you through the weekends! Like we're sat in the pub together, you won't be able to shut me up! No pints required!
  • Virtual support from me to plan your weekend. Ask me anything. Confused about transport? Want to know what to do to vary your weekend somehow? Have particular requirements? I'll try to help you.
  • Weekends you can do in the next MONTH, heck, next weekend.
  • Bonus suggested itineraries for a weekend climbing Snowdon and Scafell Pike - Wales and England's highest mountains.
  • All my tips, tricks and advice on staying safe, staying dry, equipment and preparation and having the time of your life.
  • Lifetime access to all future updates, revisions and bonuses.
CLICK HERE to get all the information and buy