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This bonus guide is one of the most popular 13 guides in Walk Your Weekends, my package of 13 weekends (plus lots of extras) for Londoners who want to explore the best of Britain's hiking.

This would be a great 2-day walking trip to practice your walking skills, especially if you are London based.

Lewes to Eastbourne

This is a beautiful two day walk along the South Downs. The walking is easy but the views are rewarding and give a fantastic flavour of this part of the world. Starting in the characterful town of Lewes, this route follows grassy tracks along chalky hillsides over a series of lovely viewpoints. At times you feel as though you can see across the whole of the south-east of England.

Visit the Long Man, a mysterious chalk figure carved into the hillside, before reaching the sea at Cuckmere Haven, where the winding river has to be seen to be believed. The next sight is the spectacular ‘Seven Sisters’ white cliffs. Forget the white cliffs of Dover, this is the real deal.


Lewes to Eastbourne: route walk through

Lewes to Eastbourne: photo walk through