Peak District

Below you'll find all the PDF guides to 2 weekends in the Peak District

1) Vale of Edale, Mam Tor and Win Hill
2) Kinder Scout, Black Hill and Bleaklow


  • Vale of Edale, Mam Tor and Win Hill
    Vale of Edale, Mam Tor and Win Hill

    Edale in the Peak District is one of the classic British walking locations. From here the grassy, green White Peak (so called for its limestone) visibly morphs into the brooding, atmospheric, peaty and wild Dark Peak. The area has been popular with hikers from nearby Manchester and Sheffield for decades and the mass trespass on Kinder Scout, one of the key battles leading to 'rights of way' for walkers, took place here.

    This weekend takes a tour of the vale of Edale and you will get a fantastic taster of what this stunning location has to offer.

    With Edale only 3 hours or less from London by train, what are you waiting for?

Vale of Edale: route walkthrough

Vale of Edale: photo walkthrough

A sneak peek on the path near Edale village

A video I made walking on Kinder Edge with my parents!


  • Edale, Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and Black Hill
    Edale, Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and Black Hill

    The Pennine Way: well, what can I say? This is the oldest national trail in the UK, stretching 268 miles from Edale to Kirk Yetholm in Scotland. It is a very famous walk, full of history, atmosphere, adventure, misty wilderness, brooding moorland scenery, and weather-worn rocks!

    On this weekend you will walk the first two days of the Pennine Way, from Edale to Diggle through the heart of the 'Dark Peak' (so called for its notorious peaty bogs!). This offers a wonderful taster of the trail and takes you into some areas of the countryside familiar Manchester locals over the peak district moorland plateau Kinder Scout, Bleaklow and Black Hill.

    A third day, continuing along the Pennine Way to Hebden Bridge is described if you wish to extend your trip.

Kinder Scout, Bleaklow, Black Hill: route walkthrough

Kinder Scout, Bleaklow, Black Hill: photo walkthrough

Walking from Snake Pass to Edale along the Pennine Way route

Kinder Downfall blowing backwards in the wind!

My top 3 tips for first timers in the Peak District - this was sent out for free to my mailing list, but you may have missed it, so I'll post it here too.


"I'm visiting Oldham (north-east of Manchester) for work on a Saturday night. I have no car and will travel up on Friday evening and back to London on Sunday evening. Also, I need to be in Oldham in the evening Saturday for my work event. Can you suggest two walks I can do to make a good weekend of it?"

NOTE: These walks are on the very top edge of the Peak District National Park and overlap just slightly with the boundary of the Park.

Walk 1 (7 or 9 miles): Dove Stones Reservoir & Pots and Pans. Ending in Uppermill

Walk 2: (7.5 miles): Broadhead Noddle / Castleshaw Reservoir walk. Starts at Delph Village, ends in Uppermill.


NOTE: Bus stop you need for Dove Stones Reservoir is called Chew Valley Road, Greenfield (near/opposite the Clarence Hotel)

MAPS: The Dove Stones/pots & pans walk is covered by the OS "OL1" Dark Peak map and the AZ Adventure Atlas Dark Peak. The Delph walk unfortunately goes off the edge of both of these maps. You would need to have a copy of the OL21 South Pennines map or you could cheat and try to take a printscreen from to cover the small overlap.)