Lake District

Below you'll find all the PDF guides to 3 weekends in the Lake District

1) Langdale Extravaganza
2) Fairfield Horseshoe, Wansfell and Orrest Head
3) Ulverston to Langdale along the Cumbria Way

First time in the Lake District: 3 tips (this video was sent out for free to my mailing list but I'm posting it here too in case you missed it!)

Ambleside in a Nutshell

I got asked a lot of questions about staying in Ambleside so I made this little guide of everything I'd tell you about staying there!

You'll find this little guide helpful if you are planning the Fairfield Horseshoe or Langdale Extravaganza weekends, or a longer stay in Ambleside.

It covers walking ideas, restaurants and cafes, things to do and see, getting there by train and car, maps and lots more.




  • Langdale Extravaganza
    Langdale Extravaganza

    Deep in the heart of the Lake District, in the little village of Elterwater, you'll really feel like you're away from it all, with the opportunity to climb one of Wainwright's favourite fells, tick off the classic Langdale Pikes and rest your weary legs with a pint in the famous Old Dungeon Ghyll hikers pub. This is a very strenuous mountain walk with lots of drama.

    If you've never been to Langdale before, this is a great way of diving right in and experiencing some of the classic fells and walks in the Lake District.

    This guide suggests one long day's intensive/challenging walk and an easier, more relaxed second day. You have the option to walk to Ambleside or Windermere on the third day if you prefer.

    This weekend is based in one location so you will not have to carry your luggage, apart from if you are walking from Elterwater to get to Ambleside or Windermere on your last day.

Langdale Extravaganza: Route Walkthrough

Langdale Extravaganza: photo walkthrough


  • Fairfield Horseshoe
    Fairfield Horseshoe

    A classic Lake District circular ridge walk starting from the town of Ambleside, the Fairfield Horseshoe takes in several Wainwright fells and will certainly blow the cobwebs away as you follow the 'horseshoe' round.

    On Day 2, walk to Windermere via the spectacular viewpoints Wansfell and Orrest Head, which inspired Wainwright to move to the Lake district.

    This weekend is based in one location so you will not have to carry your luggage, apart from on Day 2 when you will walk to Windermere.

Fairfield Horseshoe & Wansfell: Route walkthrough

Fairfield Horseshoe & Wansfell: Photo walkthrough

Two tips for Wainwright baggers!


  • Ulverston to Langdale along the Cumbria Way
    Ulverston to Langdale along the Cumbria Way

    This walk follows the first two days of the Cumbria Way from Ulverston, on the coast, to Langdale in the heart of the Lake District.

    It is an easy walk that nevertheless gives you some beautiful views and fills you with a sense of achievement as you're moving forward each day to your final destination.

    Day 1 goes through a quieter area and because of this it gives you a real sense of tranquillity and of getting away from the crowds.

    It starts in the pretty town of Ulverston, heads through farmland at first, then enters the Lake District via some some wilder and more rugged paths, finally winding its way to Coniston along the Lake.

    Day 2's views are spectacular as the path heads through some of the Lake District's most picturesque spots including Tarn Hows, Colwith and Skelwith waterfalls, Elterwater and Langdale, ending at the famous hiker's pub the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

    You can come back to London that evening (catching a bus, or getting a taxi, from the Old Dungeon Ghyll to Ambleside and then Windermere) or if you are having a long weekend, the next day.

Ulverston to Langdale: route walkthrough

Ulverston to Langdale: photo walkthrough