Isle of Wight

Below you'll find the guide for a weekend on the Isle of Wight.

Isle of Wight: Route walkthrough

I recommend that you watch the video first for an orientation and then get the PDF for all the detail.


  • Isle of Wight weekend
    Isle of Wight weekend

    The Isle of Wight is a wonderful, easy get away at any time of year. It has some great coastal and downland walking, it's a short journey from London (some locals even commute!), and you get the real feeling of being 'on holiday' because you're on an island and by the sea. What's more, you can get around the island by public transport pretty easily.

    This weekend includes two walks covering some of the best of the west and east of the island and some of its 'must see' attractions such as the famous Needles rocks, Alum Bay, Tennyson monument, Shanklin Chine.

    Together, the two suggested walks take you to some of the island's best viewpoints like St Boniface Down, Limerstone Down, and Brighstone Down. You also get to walk along the coast for a while, too.