The Walk Your Weekends guide to Ambleside

Ambleside is one the best places for first time visitors to the Lake District

It's easily accessible by pubic transport from the south of England, it's surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and has great transport links to some of the key walking areas and lakes.

Not only that but  it has excellent restaurants and lots of rainy day options (which you DO need in the Lake District!).

I've been visiting Ambleside for years, and I regularly get questions about ideas for walks, transport and other information.

If you were to sit down with me over a coffee, I'd spend at least 3 hours or more explaining the options, points of interest, things to do and places not to miss.

So I decided to make it into a handy guide for you.

You can get the benefit of my experience and recommendations; without having to research it all yourself!

Here's what my guide covers:

  • How to get there by public transport
  • How to get there by car; including route from London and service stations
  • Where to park and cost
  • How to find holiday cottages
  • Which restaurants, cafes and pubs do I recommend (honestly!)?
  • Where to get picnic supplies
  • How to get around by bus and where you can go
  • My recommendations of great shops in the town
  • 8 EASY walking ideas / suggestions (low level walks; 6 m / 10 km or less; 3 hours or less)
  • 3 MEDIUM walking ideas / suggestions (fell walks with some steep climbs; about half a day or less)
  • 4 HARD walking ideas / suggestions (full day challenging fell walks)
  • 15 things to see and do apart from walking / hiking
  • What maps you'll need and which Wainwright books cover the nearby fells
  • What are the hostel and camping options
  • Where to hire bicycles
  • What you can do on a rainy day
  • Where are the cash machines
  • Where is the post office, tourist information, medial centre and more
  • Where the public toilets are (including the free one!)
  • Map of the town and surrounding area (you could download the PDF to your phone and zoom into the map)

N.B. Note that the walking ideas / suggestions are NOT  detailed, step-by-step route descriptions with route maps. They are written to give you IDEAS so you can look at a map and plan out your day, or potentially investigate further (for example, find further details online or pick up a pamphlet at the tourist information office). However, if you are used to map reading, you will be able to read my description and figure out the route on the map; and that may be enough (especially for the easy walks). Cool? Cool.

Sounds good?

Here's your choice:

Option 2:

Walk Your Weekends

(includes Ambleside Guide)

The Ambleside Guide is included in the Walk Your Weekends package, designed specifically to help Londoners explore some of the best of Britain's hiking (with no car, no time and no ideas!).

In this pack you'll get:

1. A library of FOURTEEN DETAILED WALKING WEEKENDS in Scotland, Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire and South Downs, Brecon Beacons, Isle of Wight - start planning your next hiking weekend immediately. Download and keep forever.

2. AMBLESIDE IN A NUTSHELL: you can combine this with my Lake District walking guides to help you have a fantastic hiking trip in the Lake District, whether for a weekend or a longer trip.

3. Each of the 14 guides covers ALL THE INFORMATION YOU NEED TO EASILY PLAN YOUR WEEKEND HIKING TRIP, including: how to get there and back by public transport from London; where to stay; suggested routes and equally exiting rainy day alternatives for mountain/hill walks; which maps are best to get (for value for money and longevity); where to eat and the best pubs to visit; where the toilets are; things to look out for, and sights to see.

4. Each guide includes a VIDEO ROUTE TALK THROUGH AND PHOTO TALK THROUGH from me so you'll know exactly what to expect - and get really excited and prepared.

5. WALK CHOOSER: easily identify which weekend is best for you right now, depending on the time of year, experience, fitness, or particular interest.

6. Guidance on which maps are best value for money AND most useful to buy for these weekends = avoid wasting time choosing the wrong ones.

7. Each guide includes BACKGROUND INFORMATION, viewing and reading on each weekend to help you get to know the area more deeply.

8. Virtual SUPPORT and ongoing ADVICE in case you have problems organising it or want to know specific details. You can email me with questions and I'll help you out with planning your customised your weekend. Join the members Facebook group to see mine and others' photos, trip reports and tips.


Great for newbies or if you need a bit of reassurance. Through videos and handy checklists I cover:

  • What to Pack and why; easily pack your rucksack and lose that 'I think I've forgotten something' feeling.
  • Mastering maps: I explain the different types of maps you can get and the best ones to get for each weekend.
  • Staying safe: advice and checklist to help you feel confident in the countryside.
  • Weekend Walking Dos and Dont's - tips and tricks from years of bitter experience!
  • How to ensure the British weather doesn't put a dampener on your weekend!
  • Suggested practice routes in and around London.
  • Untangling transport: how to get the best from trains and buses.


This 3 week mini course - delivered by email, video and PDF downloads and checklists will help you:

  • Choose the right long distance trail for you
  • Choose the right map and guidebook combination
  • Made some key decisions about where you'll sleep, how you'll backpack and what you'll delegate
  • You'll plan your itinerary and set your dates
  • Book your travel and accommodation without getting overwhelmed
  • Plan how you'll practice for the trail
  • Know exactly what gear you'll need
  • Learn some key trail walking  tips
  • Get inspired and excited!

11. LIFETIME ACCESS - free copies of revisions and updates to all the guides and future iterations and bonuses for as long as these guides are maintained.

Walk Your Weekends: for more information click here